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The robot is build very small and compact, cross beams make him stabile. With a transmission of 1:3 he reaches a moderate speed.

Having only 2 wheels, he lies on a round 1*1 brick at the back. With his long bar behind the robot can align at the wall perpendicular to it.

The sidewise attached wheels serve the orientation at the wall. Thereby the robot always drives a bit right to not to loose the wall. Above the rotation sensor can be seen, which measures rotations of the robot with a differential, that is connected to the wheels.

From below the mechanics of the robot are well visible. First the 1:3 transmission, second on the left the two 16er cog wheels and the three 8er on the right, to turn the differential (above the axle in the dark) at different rotary speed.

With this attachment two tasks can be done at once: The ramp drives below the CD, lifts it over the holder and lets it then glide forward. The long stick hooks into the glasses and takes it back to the base.

With the help of this module the attachments are actuated. A worm gear makes a powerful and well controlable rotation possible. The light sensor recognizes the color of the flags.

The module can be attached to the front of the robot and easily reomoved with the help of 6 pivots.

With this attachment the ball can be transported into the basket. Unfortunately this is not very exactly, but you eventually have 4 tries. In order that the robot does not turn over, on the back wheels are attached as counterweight.

To serve the food the tray was put on this angled attachment and positioned horizontally. When driving backward it remained. The counterweight must be still more heavier here.

Here two attachments are fixed at once: First a simple liftarm, with which the flag could be turned over, after it was detected by the light sensor. Second a construction with an in one direction moveable stick. This stick turned to the back, when the robot drove to the door and blocked while driving backwards, whereby the door was opened.

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