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The coins slide down different slopings in a serious and are sorted at the adequate point.

The chain consits of two 2er-bars (1 hole) one upon the other, which are connected with rotatable angles.

On each side there is a motor unit, because the chain can be moved only heavily.

The chain is pressed flat on the back with the help of two springs.

Sortation of 2 Euro

Sortation of 1 Euro

Sortation of 50 Cent

Sortation of 10 Cent

The exact construction of the 10 Cent sortation

Sortation of 5 Cent

The exact construction of the 5 Cent sortation

Sortation of 20 Cent

Sortation of 2 Euro (and by this also 1 Cent)

This is the trophy for the second price, which I won. However there was only one opponent...

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