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13.10.11 I'm still alive

Screenshot-Launch-thumb.jpgI published my last news on 27.5.06 - that's over 5 years ago! Today I want to give you a signal from me. Meanwhile a lot of things happened.
In between I'm 23 and studying aerospace computer science at the University of Würzburg. Since then, I haven't build any LEGO robots. But in 2008, I constructed a soccer bot out of "real" electronics, aluminium and acrylic glass for my skilled work in my last yoear of school.
I've also already come in touch with more professional robots in my studies. Looking back, building with LEGO has really helped my with this.
Now I often make websites, not only for me. Thus I finally has time to publish my own new homepage - Franework ist Franz@work :-)

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27.5.06 Sourcecode RoboCup program

On my Java-Blog the sourcecode and a description of my leJOS program is now available, which I wrote for my RoboCup Junior soccer robot this year.

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28.3.06 RoboCup Junior and NXT

RoboCup.jpgAs promised, there's a bigger update today:
In the robots section at Soccer you will find my RoboCup Junior Soccer 1 vs 1 robot, described very detailed. Addidtionately there's a small picture gallery of the qualification tourney in Vöhringen.
Finally there's a new category "Mindstorms NXT" in the Favorites section with some related links, because I'm also one of the chosen for the "Developer Program".

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